Bancroft/Maynooth Workshop (en plein air)

(three day workshop)




We will be spending two days plein air painting in the Bancroft/Maynooth area. Robert will demonstrate his method each morning. He will discuss shape, value, edge, design, colour and temperature. After lunch, students will set for painting “en plein air”. Students will do small thumbnail sketches in their sketch book before painting. Robert will help with creating and simplifying the design. He will come around and critique each student as they go along with their painting.

accommodations in Bancroft:
Bancroft Inn & Suites
Sword Inn Bancroft
Bancroft Bed and Breakfast
(also check with local air bnb options)

Below is the supply list of everything to bring. You will need these supplies to get the techniques Robert uses

Supply list below:

plein air Supply List

Egan Chutes Workshop:
Early Bird price (until April 01) – $250
regular price – $300